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Measures to remove vashikaran


It is difficult to tell what a devoted person thinks, but on the basis of experience of some people it can be said that in this state, man knows that he is acting against his will, but he is not interested in it. | The consummate person can be identified on the basis of some symptoms. If you feel that something is happening with you or the behavior of a friend, relative or family member has changed completely, then be alert, and identify some specific symptoms and accordingly make the following diagnosis -
• If there is anger in the matter (and it is not in the usual nature), take the frankincense, mustard, black pepper and sulfur on Saturday, take it out of the top of Hanumanji 7 times, keep the victim again for a few days. After that, burn the cow's effluent out of the house and burn it in it.
• If the mental state appears to be unstable, then the incense of Gayatri, Javitri, Saffron and Gogal burn it in the house of the person in the house for 21 days and keep it in front of the sun.
• Frequent illness is also indicated in the effect of vashikaran. Put the plant of a diagnostic white figure in the victim's house, or make the amulet in the throats of the victim and worn it.
• After coming under the influence of vashikaran, often scary dreams come. In this situation, gorochin and tangan should be tied in new red clothes and keep the situation in the house of the victim at the place of worship. Continue to show him sunlight every day. Its optimistic results are obtained.
Effects of captivating:
• After coming under the influence of Vashikaran, the person who is subdued, begins to trust by blinding him because his intellect is defeated. If such a trace is occurring, then take a vermicelli on one lemon and meditate on the Goddess Bhuvaneshwari - make a beard of Hrithan Mantra. Let the lemon rot into the entire house and cut it into four pieces and throw it in four directions.
• It has often been seen that the constricted Amasya and Purnima are restless. As soon as this symptom is understood, make a mixture of ghee, frankincense, goggle and yellow saro together and after sunset, with the help of a scalp from the cow dung, give sunny face to him in the house of the victim. In addition to this, in the house of the victim, on the day of Amasaya and full moon, the Gangajal water.
• If there is a sudden disagreement between family members, relatives or spouse, this viciousness may have an adverse effect, so take lemons and stir it over 21 times and keep the lemon on the crossroads. Do not see that lemon again.
• If sudden behavior changes, that means it starts behaving which is not in its nature, then you should throw four Gomti chakras on any Wednesday, 7 times above it and throw it in four directions.
• Being overwhelmed by the thoughts of the night is a sign of love, but the same symptoms can be seen even in the person possessed. There is a slight difference in both situations, which can be very close. This difference can be understood after several days of investigation. For example, a boy is constantly giving love to a girl and she is turning down. Close friend knows very well why she does not like her. What thing of that boy is bad for him or his heart is not love for him. And suddenly the next morning she began behaving like her slaves. Thinking about that day and night. This signal is meant to be subordinated to him because no idea about someone is changed because of such a concrete reason. The same can happen in boys' affairs too. If something looks like this, then offer 7 rose flowers to the Mahakali and chant 'Rin Hree' Mantra 108. Then break the 7 leaves with one rose and feed the victim / sufferer.
• If such symptoms are seen in themselves, then after 108 minutes after bath, chant Gayatri Mantra.
Freedom from liberation / liberation / break
• Install the horse's cord at the main entrance of the house, and wear a ring made of it, wear the raiment in the house.
• Hold the eccentric or thirteen or pentadrous Rudraksha.
• Always recite Surya Namah Mantra 108 times.

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