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Measures to subdue a deceitful girlfriend in love

In the method of exemption from photos, you can use to celebrate your wife or girlfriend.
Many times it happens that your wife leaves her in-laws and goes to the maternal house because of some misunderstanding because it is right for you to subjugate your wife to subjugate the wife's photo.
For this, you can use the Shabar Vashikan mantra by using the attractive picture of the wife's photo.
The best photo and the most important name for those who want to subdue. After capturing the photo, you can subdue a person who is very far away from your eyes.
The use of this Vashikaran Mantra is the right way to subjugate your beloved wife to a beloved girlfriend boy girl.And you can take this love of Vishakshani into her love for her and you can marry her love. You can stretch yourself and stretch your attention through the use of spellings / mechanism / mechanism of abstraction.
For captivating the photo, taking the photograph of that person in his hand, taking the name of that person is to chant the mantra.
After using this mantra, if you think of misusing a girl, then it is very upside-down with you. Therefore, the use of this mantra can only be used to explain your love to your beloved girlfriend.
1. At a quiet place, starting from 10am on the first night of eight days of the full moon of the Shukla side.
2. You have to sit on a clean blanket.
3. The asana has to take a vessel full of water, keep a picture of the wife, keep the heat.
4. Put the picture in front of you that you feel she is looking at you.
5. Smell the place of the chanting with concentration.
6. While chanting this mantra, take the name of your wife in the name of the name.
7. The mantra to subdue the girl from the photo is to chant the mantra to subdue the wife of wife 108 times daily for 8 days and have faith.