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Monetary measures kit

You can choose a place in a clean place in the north-east direction of your place of residence, the place
Free from dirt etc., then keep a wooden stick at that place, and a jasmine oil
Take the bottle ,  fifty candle white and  fifty candle green and bring a match. Choose one of your time, while you are definitely free, at that time, you have a chance to get money from God
Start doing Clean the pate with water and clean it, take a single candle and a white candle, dip it in the jasmine oil, take a shower and mix both the balls
After heating, let the left candle on the left (left) side-by-side candle and nine-inch (white) white candle on the right side (right). Repeat the match with the help of the first candle and then white
Burn the candle, look at both the candles and pray mentally "O Dhan Kedevata Kuber! I need a lot of money (the name of the person who needs financial help) for work, help me to get the creditor honestly ", and after praying, leave the candle burning up and get involved in your work. On the second day if the candle is completely burnt, then leave that burnt wax there and not burn.
So let it be the same, take the other candles the same as the first day, and one of the first candied candles
Pray like the first day after lighting up the other and pray the same day, the candle will gradually go near each other, as much as the candles will come near, your money will come to you and once the two candles burn in between, money will be received. When the money is received, at the nearest religious place or in any flowing river, take the molten wax of those candles and put it with reverence or give it, whatever blessings you give to the poor, keep in mind that the money received from this type of work is done in some wrong way. Do not, money will not come again.