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Natural More Pankh

In the Devvahini system, details of peacock feathers have been given. In all the scriptures, texts, Vaastu and astrology, peacock feathers have an important place. Place peacock feathers in a place where they can easily appear. The importance of keeping peacock feathers in the house is very important, it is also a religious experiment. Peacock feathers are very dear jewels of gods like Lord Shri Krishna, Shri Ganesh and Kartikeya ji. Due to being the vehicle of Saraswati Mother of Goddess Vidya, it is customary for students to have peacock feathers in their books. Peer Lord Kartikeya also has a vehicle. Kartikeya is the commander of the army of the Gods, but he chose the peacock as a vehicle. By keeping peacock feathers in the house, goodness is communicated and happiness and prosperity and Lakshmi grace is attained. Negative forces present in the home environment are destroyed and positive powers are active. Snake peeps feathers with feathers, because peacock's favorite diet is snakes. Therefore, snakes do not go to the place where they appear peacocks or peacock feathers. There is no harm in the person who always holds peacock feathers. The negative energy surrounding the house is destroyed by hoarding the fan made from peacock feathers above the house. Applying peacock feathers on the head leads to gaining knowledge. The peacock feathers in the south-east of the house increase the incidence of burns and do not suffer from sudden sudden pain. If you do not earn money even after earning money, then have peacock feather in the house. To make your child super intelligencer, set up a peacock feathers and install it on the child's study table.

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