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Navagraha Pyramid

How to use the Navagraha Pyramid

Pyramid is a therapy that is excellent and affordable. Pyramid has any negative effect on the time it came to therapy in India and since then it has been used in every way, but this is one of the biggest deficiencies in the therapy that this therapy is very much It takes a lot of time, so there was a need to make a big change in that we have now completed. Using a normal pyramid anywhere, the negative of that place The energy used to change the positive, but its process was much slower because the user was not satisfied with laziness and excessive timeframe while using this process as a good reason. A normal pyramid is used to make negative energy positive It took a lot of time to change. The person who used that time seemed to feel like this Whether it started working in the pyramid or not, it is conclusive that cosmic energy is gathered inside the pyramid. No person tried to get him out of the process or process. In India, using positive energy for purifying the atmosphere. l the procedure is the instrument the way gemstone healing energy of the universe one planet to the man By converting humans to that planet, the mechanical pyramid is able to collect only the positive energy of a planet, which is a much cheaper solution than gem therapy. Pyramid is used in most architectural defects V is the Vastu defect which depends on the condition of 100% planets. The importance of all the directions in Vastu defects is the same. L have Mbndit component of the planet in the direction associated with the Pyramid Vastu defects are able to remove the impurities
For example, the south direction is considered to be the most negative direction in Vastu fault. The energy coming from that direction is considered as a negative energy. In such a situation, the eclipse, yam, Gandharva (wall of south direction) The location of the length of the length) By inserting the Mars Pyramid in these locations, the negative energy coming from this direction will be collected inside the pyramid. The device engaged in pyramid is Help in transforming negative energy into positive energy, and thus our Vastu place will be able to get positive energy of the South. Our research center (try to remove the problems) has created the mechanical pyramids related to all directions in the same way. the east side of the pyramid is used to remove impurities architectural l similar to the northeast of the defect master Piram D is used. Rahu pyramid is used to remove pitri defects and neutral defects. Our research center develops pyramid related to all planets. Apart from this, keeping in mind the study of children in the same way Mahamritunjaya pyramid to control the Saraswati pyramid and diseases, Katyayani pyramid for marriage related problems, for the children's side Santan Gopal l pyramids have been built for the specific architectural pyramids were built Brahman site l
Sun pyramid is used to remove the Vaastu defect of the east direction.
Use the moon pyramid to remove the Vaastu defect of the northwest direction.
Use the Mars Pyramid for the South.
Use the Buddha Pyramid in the north direction (the important place of business sight) in the counting of 3 to 5.
For the development of Jupiter Pyramid, happiness, peace, sudden problems, family advancement, in the north of the north, count down from the top of the 7th position.
Place the Venus Pyramid in the fire angle between the east and the south.
By applying the Saturn pyramid in the west direction, problems related to Saturn, Vastu defects are removed.
Rahu Ketu business by applying architectural site in the middle of the pyramid, the Southwest (sudden problems) have been able to overcome completely l
Architectural pyramid in the middle of the site, the architectural setting of the site can be protected from negative energy l
Saraswati Pyramid should be used for concentration in theology.
In severe cases, the person should use the Maha Jyotish pyramid patient.
Use the Santal Gopal pyramid to increase the family's happiness and happiness.
For more information, call the planet pyramids in a certain place.


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