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Many times, lovers become rigid or they feel that their love has diminished, or the darling has become somewhat different with someone else. Keeping this in mind, it is essential that love never fails, but how? To understand this, let us know about some tantric, vedic and trick remedies, which will increase the feeling of love.
Mohini Siddhi: The remedy to love the love of a girl in the heart of love is Mohini Siddhi. Here are some ways to do this:
    By clinging the root of Sahadei into the waist, going to a girl who wants to love, her hypnosis increases and she becomes ensnared. This kind of love begins to flourish.
    By applying the root of white Aparajita in the form of grilled food with sesame seeds, by going to the favorite girl for love, her heart is full of love and she becomes engrossed with mind-brain.
    Taking the roots of white ash in the waist with red thread and going to the beloved, sweetness comes in her love.
    The person who loves should mix that seed with the camphor in coconut and grind them. Place a regular tilak of it. With this effect, there is no shortage of love in the love of the beloved, and there is no thought about leaving one's left to another.
    Lovers need to maintain mutual love so that they meet on Friday and full moon day. This day is the strongest of love, and on seeing this day there is no lack of love among lovers. Along with this, if there is no obstruction in the love affair, nor should the controversy emerge, then they should avoid meeting on the new moon or Saturday.

Desire of true love: To find someone who loves you, pray to your god or other goddesses that there will not be any difference in it. There are such spiritual, ceremonial and religious measures in this regard:

    Pooja and Mantra chants: According to the law of Lord Vishnu and Lakshmi for three months according to the law, the desire for true love is fulfilled. This pooja should be started from the day of Thursday in the Shukla party. After their normal worship, three garlands of chants 'Om Laxmi Narayan Namah' should be done for three months continuously. With this, offerings should be made in the temple on every Thursday for three months.
    Pooja of Mother Durga: To make a girlfriend her own or to say that in order to make her a special place in her heart, worshiping Lord Durga and wearing a red flag or a chanti on her statue gives her desired desire in love.
    Worshiping Lord Krishna: In order to maintain the loyalty of the beloved, the truth of the beloved and the emotional melodrama, the pans should be offered in the temple of Lord Shri Krishna. It should be done so long as the girlfriend accepts love. Or say the heart does not feel the love of a girlfriend. In addition to meditating with Radha's love picture with Lord Shri Krishna, chanting of Mantra Om Hoon Hrithn: Krishna Namah, makes love and marriage beautiful. After the chanting of this mantra, sprinkle honey on Lord Shri Krishna.
    Rudrabhishek: There is also the rituals of Rudrabhishek, a way to get love. It should be done with legislation and for this, the number of sureties should be done in compliance with the strict rules stated by the Brahmins.
    Sixteen Monday: True love is possible even by the fasting of sixteen Monday. By doing this fast, Lord Shiva is pleased with the law of righteousness, and meets a suitable, beautiful and eternally loving life partner, whose love interest is never reduced.
    The Seam of Attraction: The beginning of love, or say, the heart of affection for someone in the heart is only when there is a great attraction among those who love. For this, he should use the seed spell. That mantra is: - Om Kheen Namah With this, charm power can be extended to the chant of this mantra. Mantra is: - Om Klein Krishna Gopisan Vallabhwa Swah. The chant of this mantra should be done 108 times every Friday ogg of Radha-Krishna photo or statue.
    To be safe: Love is not easy to save. It is feared that it will be lost or romantic. In order to keep love safe, chanti Om Om Namah should do 1000 chant per day for one week. Wear the Lala cloth during the chanting and keep a wreath of Kumkum. It has been told about its effect that it is useful to keep a girlfriend or wife in love.
    Shabar Mantra: To keep the sweetness of the relationship between lovers or couple, it is important for Kamdev to keep happy through Shabar Mantra. That is the mantra: Oh, I am doing my work, Rati Priyaayi Dhammi, Tanno Ananga Prasadayat. From its chanting, the speed of flow of flow of love in the life of Dampati comes. Apart from this, "Om Namo Bhagwate Kadewei Yasya Yajya Visio Bhavami Yajya Yasimi Mum Mukn Pavity Tantu Mohayut Swaha." The chanting of the Mantra brings intensity to both the masculine and the physical attraction.
    Venus Mantra: To maintain mutual attraction between spouses and lovers and increase sexual ability, chanting Venus Mantra "Om dand, drein, droon sa shukru nahma" should be chanted according to the stipulated rules. This also results in lost love, or a ruthless girlfriend can be celebrated.

    Do you want to get the idea of ​​finding a lover or the lost love of the lover