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Remedies For Removing Conflict Between Husband And Wife

Fights and conflicts in a husband and wife are a common problem, but sometimes it gets worse, and then there is nothing else in life except in Tu-Tu-i-Me. Many times husband and wife want to solve it, but they do not want to listen to each other. Some people resort to tricks to solve this sarcasm. Now, it is difficult to tell whether these things improve their relationship or not, but they do believe in these measures. Come on, learn how people resort to tricks to overcome their differences.
Some people also take this measure. To remove this distress of the house, the wife kept the vermillion under her husband's pillow and kept the camphor under her husband's pillow. Rise in the morning and throw the vermillion out of the house and burn the camphor.
Some couples fight like dogs and cats-they fight because of which their marital life gets worse. To remove this, you should take a shower before sunrise, after that, go to a temple and offer water on Shivling and chant this mantra.

Om Namah: Sambhay Chou Myo faych chu Nam Shankarai's mesurai ch Namas: Ch. Shivaratri Ch.

Some people who take action when it comes to extremely sour in relationships also include them. Write the husband's name with a red ink and keep hinging that letter in any corner of the house, chanting 'Han Hanumante Namah' 21 times. It is said that by doing this there is a solution to mutual discord.
If you do not want to be dissatisfied then take lentils, lentils, blood sugar and five small coconut in red cloth and pray to God for salvation. Now immerse this box in the Ganges. By doing this till 11 Tuesday, there is an increase in marriedness.
It is said that by putting a Kumkum on the flower of the ball, putting it in front of the statue of God in a temple, the separation between husband and wife starts to dispel.
To overcome the differences of husband and wife, some people also resort to mantra jap It is said that if this chanting is done with law, then there is no difference between husband and wife as well as love increases. Mantra <br> Akshayau Nine Madhu Kesak Anik Nau Samanjanam. <br>
Antarukha Mother Heart Mind Inno Sahastati .. <br>
When to chant: <br> Raise the posture in a secluded place after bathing and sit down and face towards east direction. Keep a statue or picture of Mother Parvati in front and praise them reverentially 21 times, chant the mantra written above.
In order to get rid of the marriage and happiness of marriage, by retiring from the morning bath in the morning, offering flowers and lamps and fire incense in front of the statue of Goddess Durga. Now chant the mantra written below 108 times. Astrologers and scholars believe that by doing this, the message of happiness and peace will prevail within 21 days-
Dhunzee Dhungte Dhungta! Wife v thi vu vagdishvarri
Krrn Krun Kalika Goddess! Peaceful Shin Shu Shubhun Kuru ..