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Remedies to take revenge from the enemy

Many people feel that taking revenge leads to laxity. It is imperative to feel this, because when someone hurts us or harm us in some way, we get angry. From birth we have a sense of right and wrong and this understanding encourages us to raise voice against injustice and to improve it. But the question arises, how?
People hurt each other in a variety of ways. Like, slapping, pushing, slaughtering, slander, beatings, robberies etcetera How do you feel when something like this happens to you? Many people say: "I will love him for what he has done with me that will remember my life!"
When some of his teachers scolded his teachers, he took a false accusation to take revenge on the teachers to take revenge. The attitude of taking change has become common in the world of job-profession. Many scavenged employees tamper with or vanish the information required by the company's computer network to take revenge on their employer. By stole intelligence of another company, either sell them or give them to others: "There is a year old way of taking revenge from your employer, stealing the company's things." Therefore, to deal with this problem, Dismiss an employee, then deploy a security officer with them. The officer keeps a close watch on the employee until he goes out of the office by adjusting his luggage.
But most of the cases of revenge are seen between friends, acquaintances and relatives. When someone calls us good or bad, doing such a thing that hurts us, we often adopt a taut attitude. If your friend tells you bitter things, do you even give him two-fours? If any of the householders annoy you, do you try to settle accounts with him? When we show our arrogance, we think of how easy it is to take revenge!