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Husband's relation with any other woman
If you suspect that your husband has any relation with any other woman, then you must burn some camphor in the night for this, if there are relatives then you will lose it.
While sleeping on Sunday night, give some sleeping portion of the husband's bed on the bed and give him the name of Parvati by taking the name of Parvati.
Write the letter of the name of the woman with the name of the woman whose husband is in touch with her name, praying to God to get rid of her husband and burn them all in any way. Arrange her black feather to come under her husband's feet
If your husband insults you after any other woman, then on any Thursday, take three grams of gram flour, laden two trees, three bananas, and so on with a wet pulse of gram and feed a cow who is feeding his calf Feed him and request him that, mother, I gave fruit to your child. You give fruit to my child. In a few days, your husband will come to the road.
Mahagauri Barshaygi Love is love: -
Remedies (1): - On the ninth day, bring Swetark, a white pea saplings, and plant it in the house. Worship the plant on Diwali day. You will definitely benefit from the worship of white peas. The love between husband and wife will increase.
Remedy (2): -
The idea of ​​enhancing all the good fortune and friendship is simple. By planting the basil plant of the house, put it in your hands at two and a half feet. Under this basil plant, burn the lamps up to twenty-four from the twenty-fourth of the blacksmith. Grow Tulsi ji beansur. Always give water. All the good luck will be achieved and the love of the couple will grow.
Remedies (3): - Take action for love-perfect relationships. Take two Jamiuma gems and immerse them in the Ganges. Spray this ganga water at home every Saturday. Love will be sweet.
Measure (4): - Take action for mutual love and harmony. While sleeping on the night of husband's wife sleep under the pillow and red vermilion pillows. Burn the camphor in the morning and sprinkle the vermillion in the whole house. Mutual love will grow.
Remedies (5): - Make 6 tablets by taking the soil under the feet of elephant. Keep in mind those pills dry in the shade, not in the sun. Place them in a pot of soil in the southwest of the house. Your spouse's love will grow.
Remedies (6): - Reverse the two sinks of the broom - by keeping the straight thread tied to the blue thread and keeping it in the south-west of the house, the love of the couple will increase.
Remedies (7): - Love is extended by giving away a portion of the food of both husband and wife to the birds.
Remedies (8): - If the husband is in love with the addiction of husband's addiction, then the desire to sweat the horse and make a sweet love for him by reading 54 times and smothering the husband removes the habit of intoxication

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