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Shadow to get early marriage

In today's peaky age, many parents, guardians are looking for a suitable groom for their daughter's marriage, being anxious and anxious, so that her future can be secure and her future will remain bright. But in today's early life, it is never easy to find a suitable bride for the girl in the vicinity. There are several reasons for obstacles in the marriage of qualified youths and women, which can be tried to get rid of them.
Any girl has to face many kinds of difficulty  increase in her life. If there is no horoscope, then there is no mind and thought, or even a dowry is standing in the face. The inauspicious place of the planets is the main reason for this. If your expectations is alive and you also want to get your spouse, then try the same for getting married. These measures are such that the obstacles that come in marriage are overcome and the person gets his life partner. The fear of Mangal defect in the Jan-Manas is so pervasive that the parents of Mangalik Kanya search for Mangali on the girl's side. Because of this, there is a delay in the girl's marriage. astrologers have done so much glory for the maladministration of the Mars defect that due to this blame many daughters have to remain ashamed. This situation proves to be a terrible problem for non-parents. Sometimes, despite many attempts, the some  of marriage can not be achieved. In such a case the frustration of the person increases. In fact, the marriage factor in the girl's horoscope is Jupiter, and in the horoscope of the male, the idea of ​​marriage is done by Venus. If both planets are auspicious and the eyes of auspicious planet are visible on them, then the sum of marriage is quickly created. However, many other planets are also factors to delay marriage. You can get ride from this problem.our guru ji will tell you the solution.