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Sidh Kaali Haldi

Whatever the nature has generated on this earth, it is not unnecessary. There are many things about which we are ignorant. Today, we will tell you about some of the rare items of black turmeric which you can use in your life to overcome a lot of problems and live a happy and prosperous life. The special thing is that the twins associated with black turmeric are not immediately empty. Black turmeric is of great work. By the way, it is a bit difficult to get black turmeric, but still it gets in the shops of groceries. This turmeric is quite useful and beneficial.
1- If a person is continuously unwell in the family, then on the first Thursday, make two rounds of flour and press the jaggery and a little pistachio black turmeric in it and take out the patient seven times from the person and feed the cow . This measure will get amazing benefits from three consecutive Thursdays.
2- If a person or a child has been taken care of, then fold the turmeric in black cloth and take it out of the 7 times and flowing into the water flowing.
3- If a guru and Saturn are suffering in somebody's birth chart, then the person should take this remedy - by mixing black turmeric regularly from the first Thursday of Shuklpaksha, both these planets will start giving auspicious results.
4- If anybody has funds, but they do not last long, they must take this measure. Put black turmeric, Nagakeshar and vermilion in a silver box on the first Friday of Shuklpak, touching the feet of the mother Lakshmi and keeping it in place of keeping money. This measure will stop the money.
5- If your business is continuously declining, then on the first Thursday of the Shukla party black chilies, 11 sweet Gomti chakras, silver coins and 11 generous coins, and 108 times 'Nam Namo Bhagwate Vasudev Namah' in the yellow cloth Keeping the tax in place of money keeps progress in business.
6- If your business is related to machines and the day when any expensive machine gets spoiled you, then mix the black turmeric and mix kesar and ganga water on it on the first Wednesday. This remedy will not spoil the machine quickly.
7- Keeping a silver coin with yellow turmeric in yellow clothes on the day of Diwali, keeping the money in place of money, Mother Laxmi's grace remains throughout the year.
8- If a person suffers from epilepsy or insanity, then put a black turmeric in a good mushroom and keep it in a bowl and clean it by showing the fertile sunshine.
After that, pierce a piece of cloth and worn the neck with the help of yarn and regularly keep the bowl of turmeric powder fresh with fresh water. Must definitely benefit.

For more information immediately contact with our acharya ji .he is specialist.his remedies will work as a last key that will defiantly open the close door of  happiness for you.