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Tactical Remedy Mantra to Destroy the Enemy

Everyone wants that the number of friends in his life is greater and the enemy is less than that. But many times when you start flying to success in your life or try to do something new or new, then different types of enemies stand in front of you. If you can not concentrate your energy in the right direction then you may have to face failure again. No one wants that the number of his enemies will increase. Because if this happens, then the problem will go on increasing day by day. Many times people become your enemies because of your progress. In such a situation, you will get a solution easily when you try to destroy the enemy.
Many times you try to make peace with your enemy. But the person who has trouble with your promotion only gives up for only a short time. When he comes in trouble, you try to destroy itself. You need to be wary of such enemies.
There is a special significance of utterance of the monks in the trick of destruction / destruction of the enemy. You can get rid of enemies with the following mantras. Mantra - Nrishinhya Vidya, Vraj Nakhai Dhai Mahhi Tanno Nrishih Prahodaita! This mantra should be used prior to sunset in the morning. If these spells are done at a quiet place, the effect is very soon. If you regularly pronounce this mantra, then the effort to make any harm done by the enemies will fail.
Amavasya or Sunday night, do the tricks to destroy this enemy. On this day, sit on the south side and sit down Now on a black cloth, worship the image of Mother Kali and worship. After worshiping, write the name of your enemy from vermilion on a lemon. Put the remaining vermillion in mustard oil and take a resolution. After doing this, give a Rudraksh garland and chant the mantra given here 11 times.
Mantra: The enemy of the enemy
Every time you complete the garland, offer urad Dal on lemon and pray to mother that they will destroy your enemies' efforts. After the end of the mantra chant, pulse the lemon in a copper lote or pot and rub the matki or lotte go and crush it on the same. Doing so, pray to Mother Kali that she protects you from negative influences from the enemy and fails her efforts to harm her. Come home after doing this. Remember, do not look back from coming back from coming home. Come home and take a bath. This trick is very effective in the trick of destroying the enemy.
These measures are quite simple in the solution to avoid the enemy. Under this measure, you have to take 38 seeds of Sabut black urad Dal and 40 grains of whole rice. Now dig these donations and dig it in a pit. Now take the name of the person who is your enemy and squeeze the lemon on top of this pit. By doing so, all efforts to harm your enemy will fail.
Here is a reminder that one more miraculous remedy is to destroy the enemy. Before doing this experiment, remember this fact that you are not doing it to harm someone, but doing so to get rid of any enemy. For this, write the name of the enemy with the water in the toilet and stopping it on the left three times. They will rid you of your enemy by the tricks of destroying the enemy. If you are troubled by the antics of your enemy, then this remedy will give you much relief. Take a peacock feather for this, now take the vermillion from the head of Hanuman ji and write the name of the enemy on it. Keep this feather in the house of the house overnight, and flush it in the morning without blowing water. By taking these measures, your enemy will also become your friend.
If someone is causing you trouble because of some reason, then you should take these measures to get rid of it. On Saturday night, take 7 cloves at night and take the name of that enemy, blow it 21 and then burn the clove in the fire the next day. If you use this experiment 7 consecutive times you will get a chance to see the miraculous benefits. You will lose all the negative effects of the enemy and he will be calm. The thing to take into account in this experiment is that it should not be used to harm anyone.
The text of Hanuman Chalisa is very useful for avoiding the enemy. If you feel that someone is lying behind your life, then regular text of Hanuman Chalisa is very useful. To get rid of the enemy, hang a torn old shoe in any corner of the house and write down the enemy's name at the bottom. With the tricks of destroying this enemy, your enemy will not be able to conspire against you and put your weapons in front of you.
The trick of wasting the enemy here is quite effective. You can get rid of your enemies by using any of these mantras or tricks. While doing these remedies, it is advisable to use them only to destroy the negative effects of the enemy. Do not try to harm any other ordinary person. Because if you do this then you may have to suffer loss.

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