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Vashikaran By Gidar or Siyar Singhi

Those who have Gidar Singhi (also called Siyar Singhi), such people always win in their life. Here we are going to tell you the use of Siyar Singhi / Gidar Singhi for vashikran purpose.

In common language Gidar is known as siyar, they generally can be found in forest or villages. Gidar or Siyar is a non vegetarian animal that looks like a dog and lives in a group. In Indian villages sound of Siyar can be listened at midnight. As these animals grow older, a gaath start to appear on the head of Siyar. By seeing it other animals attract towards Siyar. And then geedar hunts such animals and eat them.

Siyar has a powerful magic of vashikaran by which tantriks do vashikaran of a dead bodies. Some tantriks use this gaath of siyar to do vashikaran of bhoot, Jinn and pret. At the old age the gaath disappears from the head of siyar. The aadiwasi and tantriks find this gaath of siyar in forest. The value of this gaath in market is in one lakh rupees.

The process of Vashikaran by Siyar / Gidar Singhi is provided below:

The gaath of Gidar should place in a box with kamiya sindur. Take the photo of the person on whom you want to perform vashikaran, place the photo of the person on this gaath of gidar and chant the mantra “gidar singhi amuk mum vashayan kuru kuru sawah” in place of amuk read the name of person whom you want to take vashikaran. After a few hours you will start seeing the results and targeted person will be in under your control. By this Gidar singhi you can do vashikaran of any person. When you start the pooja place this gidar singhi in your home mandir. By this Gidar singhi you get vashikaran of your lover, wife, husband, enemy or children. If you want this gidar singhi immediately contact us.