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Vashikaran Totka

The big people became kings or ranks from these teachings. I'm going to tell you a very simple thing. But if some idea is simple, easy and easy, then that does not mean that it will not work. Yes, it means that more people will benefit from this, which is a good thing.
So many times it happens that we love someone, but he remains or remains away from us. We know only how much pain can reach us, how much trouble or jealousy has to be raised. In such circumstances, the best will be to try the tips I have given you.
Write the name of that girl or boy on a leaf leaf turmeric, do this work for the next five days. The time to start is Monday and the last day should be on Friday, write a leaf every day with turmeric, and on Friday, when there are five leaves, take them into any reservoir i.e. rhythm, river etc.
The next great way is to bring your nail of your love in some way, how you will achieve this handkerchief. You have to think of it, but once you have a handkerchief, then I will tell you what to do. If you get a napkin, keep it near your pillow and go to sleep, and keep sleeping with it everyday.
Do this till the girl or boy makes your approval and yes or gives it. Then when he receives his hymn, then blow the napkin into some boiling water like a canal or river.
The next method is to go to the temple of Hanuman ji on Tuesdays, then take away the statue of Hanumanji and put it at the feet of Sita Maayya, while doing so, remember him whom you love. If you love the right heart then you will be successful and if not, then something bad can happen.
Another idea is that you take the moon on Wednesday and take his name on your hands whom you love, then go to the temple of Lord Ganesha and keep the hands written with Chandan in the feet of Lord Ganesha, on five Wednesday. The wish is fulfilled.
There is also an accurate way to prepare food for the person you want to get in the morning, and make a meal while preparing food, "Vaishn kuru kuru swaha", then this food will feed that person only then it is in your control Will be done.
Bring the hair of the girl's head, now take this hair on the night of the new moon and take her name from the girl and ask for some water for a while, then blow the hair that you brought from her head. Then repeat this work should have effect several times.
One very simple and easy solution is to write the name of the one you love on a blank paper and apply vermilion on it, then dump this paper in the ground.
An old-fashioned way is that a cow's child who lives with the cow feed jaggery for a few days and then speak the name of that girl or boy five times in his ear.
The next good idea is that if you want to get somebody's heart, then take him along with you to Shiva's temple on Monday, then you can do an aarti there, and after that some poor people meet with him in the food Mostly sweet stuff.
I told you so many ways, but now I tell you some common knowledge which has associated mantras and sorcery. As I have said before, the tricks etc. are used in the power of will. I'm going to tell you the simplest things you need to remember -
Do not be afraid of standing without nails, long and dirty, without oil, or high hair with no oil, if you keep a beard, do not be afraid.
Wearing good clothes, not too gaudy or black, clean and ironing, it is good to see the person, do not apply more foreign forms, if you like the girl then wear the kurtas. Indigenous clothes and dialects are not only good but also in fashion.
Shayari and Poetry etc. Writing and Listening is popular at this time, youth have passion and passion in the heart. So take advantage of them, do not become a victim of them.
In this way I kept some tricks and chants in front of you, from which you can give the girl, subdue her and attract her. By using them you will be able to increase the smell and color in your life.
These measures have been used for vachikaran and tricks, all these tricks are mostly harmful and if you use them then you can get your love. Remember that when you find your love, do not forget to thank God associated with your trio and also offer their prayers.
You can also access these tips to your friends and well-wishers so that they can take advantage of this and get the love in their life and enjoy the world.