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Vastu Dosh Niwaran Surya Kawach

Strong Will Power And Provides Leadership Capability.

In astrology, the Sun is recognized as the main planet. Sun God is considered to be the most powerful planet in the Navagrahas, it has been called self factor. All the planets revolve around them. According to astrology, the entire world is influenced by the zodiac-constellations and the planets. Surya Pitta is the main planet, the affected person becomes very quick. Severeity and self-esteem are also seen in those affected. It gives strong will power and provides leadership capability.
If the sun is cloudy then it is arrogant in the person. Be angry at small things and are ready to fight. Inauspicious sun becomes hardened in the heart, that is, lack of sense of compassion in the mind. The sun has an effect on the eyes, heart and bones. The Sun is the force of strength, patience and health. On the weakness of the sun, there can be a possibility of weakness, mental unrest, heart disease and ophthalmic diseases. In such a situation, if the sun instrument is worshiped lawfully, then the auspiciousness increases. When the sun is in a strong and auspicious condition, it gives the official and specific title.
Sun worship
This device can be established on Sunday or in auspicious time. Before bathing from the sunrise, bathing, etc. should wear clean and pure white clothes. Prior to the installation of the instrument, the sun machine should be purified with Ganges water and cow's milk. Should sit on the east side and set the yellow silk cloth and set the sun machine on it. Sandalwood, saffron, betel nut and red flowers should be offered on the sun machine.
After worshiping this instrument methodically, you should chant the sun mantra: - "Gharini Surya Namah."
After chanting the chant, keep the sun machine at the place of worship and worship it every day. Thus, after worshiping this instrument, sun-related problems are eliminated. In the person's horoscope, the Sun's Mahadasha or the Sun's direction is in progress, the worship of the sun instrument is beneficial for them. There are two types of sun instruments: the first Navagraha is the same machine, and the other Navagras have different worshiping machines. By keeping this instrument in front of it, all kinds of pain are removed, health comes, success in business and job, and achievement and prestige is attained.
Establishment of sun instrument
The benefits received from installing the sun instrument can be fully realized only when the sun instrument established, is purified through the process of prana prestige. After purification, the sun instrument is provided with the help of the mantras of the Sun Planet through a special method which is stored in this device as auspicious energy of the sun planet. Because by not establishing the sun instrument in due form, there is a decrease in providing special benefits.
After getting the duly constructed sun instrument, you can wear it in a worship place or purse or neck in the house as per the consultation of astrology. To achieve the best fruits, the sun machine should be installed on Sunday day and in the event of setting up in the house, it should be installed in the place of worship. To get auspicious results from this device, this instrument has to be regularly worshiped. After pronouncing the sun seed mantras, should pray for fulfillment of their wish. By regularly worshiping the instrument, the connection between the seeker and the instrument is established, which is why this instrument is motivated to give you maximum benefits.
Sun instrument use
Chanting the sun mantra chanting in front of the sun instrument daily destroys the ill effects of the sun. The sun instrument is commonly used to reduce the ominous effects of the sun. The Sun instrument is able to provide the benefits to its native due to the general characteristics of the sun. By establishing this instrument, it is strengthened to face any kind of issues related to the government or the courts, and the established solar system can make decisions coming from the government side in favor of the person.
Importance of the sun machine
Due to the inauspiciousness of the sun, the person may suffer from the general and specific characteristics of the sun. It is a good idea to set up the sun instrument for redressing, especially when the sun is acting inauspicious or negatively.