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Wife Fight Solution

Take note of your partner's matter, no matter how much you think. A good and true fight is the same in which both men have time to speak parallelly. If you keep screaming in tears, then 90 percent of your time will come out in your scream - and this fight can take a very messy look.

Criticize, but in a creative way

Always talk about the same things that make your relationship stronger, not weak. In a quarrel, we tend to get carried away in most emotions, and are wise to think like the hard work.

At such a time, remind yourself that this fight is a small part in your very important relationship, so if you criticize each other easily, so that there will be no crack for life in the relationship.

Do what you say

When we are in any kind of pressure, we raise our anger to those who are closest to us. So if the quarrel has begun, and you have begun, then just emphasize your mind that the reason for your anger is finally - your partner, or your boss, bad day, or some money concerns.

Before starting the quarrel, take a deep breath and think that there is no reason to argue with you or not. Just do not say anything about which you will regret later.

Resolve the dispute

It can take time to resolve a dispute, it may take time - maybe even a few days or weeks - it depends on how big the fight has happened. You start to normalize things from your side. And try this soon. Be sure to tell your partner that you love them very much even after this feud.

Write them a small letter in the house for them, or leave some flowers. The zappi sleep of one thrust is the best. And maybe even some fun sex. After fights, it is most important to make things normal.